Saturday, February 3, 2007

Creating an identity in a postmodern world.

As a stubborn, idealistic twenty-something living in the cesspool of modernity (that would be Los Angeles, for those fortunate enough never to have visited), it is all I can do to rummage through the constant bombardment of books, film, music, and other hernia-inducing media winding its way through the ether without constantly rolling my eyes into the back of my skull--which I happen to do anyway. In this post-Lacanian day and age, it is not education, morals, ethics, religion, or [insert additional nouns here] which shapes the lives and impressionable minds of the American public, but entertainment. As naïve and inefficacious as it may sound, I will do everything in my feeble power to sift through the mountain of rubble hurling itself toward the collective conscience of popular culture and retrieve the hidden gems, polishing them up and displaying them here with enthusiasm and grace, illuminating the minds of those informed enough (or unfortunate enough) to frequent this humble blog.

Much emphasis will be placed on independent animation and film, but these reviews will also include music and literature, as well as writing and entertainment lifted from the the bowels of the information superhighway itself.

This blog may possibly become host to a few satiated commentaries, based on this writer's reflections on recent social phenomenons, as well.

So take my hand, dear reader, and let us set off into the unknown, together.


DH said...

You gonna update this or what? I'm pining for more blogs to read.

Blog blog bloggity blogging.

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